Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis


Tricia Meister has achieved excellent results with her weight managements programmes.

Our Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis conditions your mind and body to feel satisfied or full after eating a small or moderate amount of food. Your brain believes the stomach is smaller than it really is lowering the amount of food ingested.

There are no calorie counting, special foods or restrictions on what you eat. Tricia Meister will help you to re-establishing normal eating patterns, motivation and control over your eating habits. Tricia will give you a number of specialised strategies and techniques that have been proven to harness the power of the subconscious mind.

The essence of this programme is focused on everything in moderation, NO DIET , just sensible eating habits. Easy to follow, just making tweaks to your current habits that fit in with your life style. This is potentially a long-term solution to weight management, not a quick fix.


These are often results that my clients enjoy, alongside the freedom to go on holiday and enjoy it without worrying about food & putting on weight, because they know exactly what to do. A recent client has lost 5kg in 6 weeks and dropped a dress size and another lost 7. They are amazed at their own ability to stop eating when they are full and not wanting the sweet sugary foods.

Life should be enjoyed and lived to the full without worrying about food and weight. This programme has helped many people to have a sensible relationship with food and enjoy life in their way.

What difference would it make to you to FEEL happy with yourself ? To be in CONTROL of food, eat what you want, stop when you are full. Clients comment on how good, empowered and positive they feel; the change in attitude and mind-set and how easily they stop eating when they feel full.



"I started my journey with Tricia Meister on the weight loss  programme on 11/10/2019. I weighed 127 kilo at that time. When weighed on 17/12/2019 I was 118 kilo. I have gone down two sizes in trousers and tops. My husband says I now have a waist and my bottom is smaller. My journey has not finished yet, I intend to keep the programme Tricia has laid out for me going, I am enjoying the food and not interested in nibbling and eating rubbish. I wish I had done this years ago instead of yoyo dieting, which is not good for my health, a healthy lifestyle is. I would like to thank Tricia for changing my life for the better."

A.H Hamilton

"I was very hesitant - if not sceptical on my first visit. Had heard about virtual gastric band weight loss hypnosis in the media and decided to give it a go. After the first week on the programme I had lost one kg with very little effort, and over the duration of my sessions dropped 5kgs. It isn't 'magic' and you do have to want to stick to it, but the cues given to me really have had an effect on my no longer sweet tooth."

G. F.  Waikato NZ

"I have had great success doing the Virtual Gastric Band with Tricia. I lost 7virtual gastric bandkgs after the five sessions and then lost another 5kgs before the following 6-week follow-up session - a total of 12kg. I had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and needed to  take action!  I heard about Tricia through a friend and decided this might be what would help. Tricia gave me healthy eating guidelines, which sit permanently on my fridge. The hypnosis helped me not to crave for the sweet foods. I am no longer pre-diabetic and my cholesterol reading have improved greatly. I am exercising more and feeling great about myself. A big thank you to Tricia."





"Tricia, it has been 12 week since I started the Virtual Gastric Band programme and I am now wearing clothes that haven’t fitted me in years. I have been to a couple of parties in that time and had no urge to indulge in all the food that was present. I still listen to your audio on a frequent basis as I find it motivational. Thank you."

Zoe D



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  • Are you a yoyo dieter and fed up with it?
  • Would you like to have a better relationship with food, with you in control?
  • Would you like to be able to enjoy food, but stop when you are full?
  • Would you like to feel, look and be healthier?
  • Change how you think about food
  • Be satisfied on smaller amounts
  • Re-set your eating habits
  • Choose healthier foods
  • Be motivated to exercise
  • Become slimmer easily




Tricia Meister’s 20+ years experience in weight loss and self esteem will give you the winning edge.





Patricia Meister
Certified Virtual Gastric
Band Practitioner


* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. No guarantee is inferred or offered.